NDE Feed Mixers

NDEco mixers process hay bales and roughage faster than any other mixer on the market. This is accomplished with industry exclusive 24″ curved carbide knives together with the aggressive auger design. Feeding can’t wait. That’s why our mixers utilize a simpler design with fewer moving parts, meaning less maintenance and more reliability.


S Series

330 to 575 Cubic Feet Capacity
Economical Single Auger
Side Door Discharge


U Series

855 Cubic Feet Capacity
Economical Dual Auger Mixer
Front Door Discharge

FS Series
(Single Auger)

395 to 650 Cubic Feet Capacity
All-Purpose Single Auger
Front, Side or Rear Discharge

FS Series
(Dual & Triple Auger)

715 to 1700 Cubic Feet Capacity
All-Purpose Dual & Triple Auger
Front, Side or Rear Discharge