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Renn Roller Mill

RENN Roller Mills use precision-machined 16” diameter rolls. The large diameter provides more rolling area per revolution compared to other brands of roller mills with their smaller diameter rolls. RENN Roller Mills save you time and money year-after-year by rolling more grain per hour with less horsepower.

Overseas model shown. Australian model comes standard with folding auger*

ModelsRMC 12RMC 24RMC 30RMC 36RMC 48
Roll WxD (inches)12x1624x1630x1636x1648x16
Shaft Diameter1 15/161 15/162 7/162 15/162 15/16
Required PTO HP30608095110
ModelsRMC 12RMC 24RMC 30
Roll WxD (inches)12 x 1624 x 1630 x 16
Shaft Diameter1 15/161 15/162 7/16
Min Elec HP102030