i4M Variable Rate

A groundbreaking variable rate system that is simple to use, highly accurate and won’t pinch your hip pocket nerve.

The i4M system is all controlled from the convenience of an iPad so there is no need for bulky GPS systems here. Instead the iPad works off a cellular network just the same as your phone does. All that is required is a sim card from your telco (We suggest Telstra) and you’re ready to start spreading.

The variable rate system runs off prescription maps that can be generated from your agronomist. Once completed they can be downloaded from the i4M cloud which will then display the map with colour variations to indicate the required dispensing rates.

The system also seamlessly incorporates loadcell inputs to demonstrate the amount of product within the machine, the amount being dispensed and when it’s time to refill.

The i4M System also has the capabilities of being retrofitted to most Marshall Spreaders. The system itself can be equipped in the field however if loadcells are required the spreader will need to be brought into the workshop.

iPad Controls


Prescription Maps

Error Messaging

Easy App Interface

Spreader Equipment


i4M Controller

Door Actuator

Hydraulic Belt Drive

PWM Valve

Belt Speed Sensor

Spinner Speed Sensor