i4M Variable Rate

i4M is a unique product leading the next wave of Precision Agriculture, where innovative machine control technologies, sensor networks and mobile devices are deployed to improve farming efficiency and environmental outcomes at reduced capital costs.

i4M Spreader Control

The i4M Spreader controller app allows farmers to carry out
variable rate fertiliser prescription plans using a belt type fertiliser

The system consists of a tablet computer running the i4M
app sotware that connects to an electronics module over Wi-Fi.

The electronics module is connected to an actuator, drive and
sensor network mounted on the spreader.

As the machine travels
across the field, the app determines the required application rate
from the prescription map adjusting the conveyor belt speed to set
and maintain the fertiliser rate.

When not using a prescription map,
the user can load up to three preset rates for manual control of rate
on the run.

Prescription map files are transferred to the tablet via i4M cloud
server. The user simply places the prescription map files onto a
web page, adding information such as field name and selecting the
required map layer.

Tracer GPS

The i4M Tracer GPS is a cost effective GPS solution that
provides accurate positioning for Variable Rate applications
using i4M branded machine controllers.

The i4M Tracer GPS offers Auto Shut-off and Coverage
mapping capabilities to increase productivity and minimise
wastage of inputs.

The purpose build Tracer GPS receiver is mounted to the
implement, sending GPS location and speed data over WiFi to an Android tablet in the tractor cabin.

The Auto Shut-off function turns the implement off when
the machine moves into an area of the paddock that has
already been covered, minimising application of inputs on
headlands and at the paddock boundaries.

Coverage mapping enables the user to log where the
machine has been in the paddock. Coverage maps are
stored for future reference.

Web Server

 The i4M Map Server is an online GIS data conversion tool
that handles prescription maps for use with the various i4M
control systems.

After creating a free account, the user uploads map data
to the server where it is converted and transferred via 3/4G
network to the relevant i4M controller app.

Map Data can be catalogued according to farm name and
input type, allowing for historical analysis of machine use
and crop performance.

Through a flexible API, i4m can communicate with 3rd party
Agronomy platforms for the transfer of map and operational