Optional Equipment

A large variety of options that should help you carry out your needs. ranging from side spreading attachments to use in vineyards to stainless hoppers to avoid nasty rust buildup.

Side Spreads

Designed to help spreader fertiliser directly under the vineyards trees.

Roll Tarp

A common selection added to keep your hopper contents secluded from the elements.

Hydraulic Driven Belt

Rather than a jockey wheel running on your driving tire you may wish to have a hydraulic motor run your main belt instead.

Door Actuator

Allowing you to open, shut and set your rear door without having to get out of the tractor cab.
(Included in i4M Variable Rate)

Tracer GPS

An accurate way to trace spread coverage.
(Included in i4M Variable Rate)

Aswell As

  • VRT Hydraulic Drive Kits
  • 3m Tracks
  • Loadcell Weighing Systems
  • Hopper Screens
  • Hydraulic Feed Belt Drives
  • Stainless Steel Hoppers
  • Tail lights
  • Plastic Mudguards